Chinedu Okere is a self-taught developer and entrepreneur who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He has worked with startups and as a freelancer for the past three years.

He has a huge amount of determination, drive, and willingness to learn and and also teach other's how to code.

A self-described MERN stack software engineer specializing on web applications, Chinedu is a software developer who is committed to writing clean code, teaching others how to code, and has taken the live long oat of continuous learning and personal improvement.

He has spent the last three years creating awesome experiences on the web and is currently most passionate about the work he is doing by giving back to the community through teaching others how to code here.

As a Biochemist, Portrait Artist and Game Lover turned Programmer, Chinedu has developed a unique perspective when it comes to critical thinking and a drive for solving problems. Influenced by Elon Musk and GaryVee, he has founded some startups of his and aspires to own a Fortune 500 some day.

Things I Can Do

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